Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hello Sailor - eBay loot!

As I may have mentioned as well as being a great buyer of second hand clothes I do sell the odd item that I either haven't worn or I have grown tired of and would like to release to someone else. There is something very addictive about buying and selling on eBay and I tend get bidding fever when I buy things and check my items about 10 times a day when I sell things.

When I sell items on eBay the money stays in my paypal account ready for my next purchase, the more I have in there the more I have to spend. It is great! I recently sold a few bits and pieces and bought myself a new summer dress for work with some of the money, what do you think?

Blue and white striped shift dress
Adding a bit of the nautical trend to my work wardrobe
People at work are always asking me where I got things from and if I have been shopping again because they haven't seen a particular item before. I do tell some of my colleagues my secret but not all of them, I like to have some fun letting them keep guessing!

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