Saturday, 3 November 2012

Thrifty outfit No. 2 - eBay bargains

I had been after a dress I has seen while out shopping with my cousin and foolish didn't take her advice when she told me to buy it as it was in the sale and would be unavailable soon. Anyway I took to eBay in my usual fashion when I can't afford something from the shop but still want it and searched for the object of my dress shaped affections. I did come across a quite a few in my travels but all sold for more than I wanted to pay so I waited a little longer, until last weekend that is. Sitting in McDonald's with my fiance having out Sunday treat (yes McDonald's is a treat to me) I bid and won the dress I had been after for a mere £8.27 + £3.50 postage. the dress is brand new and I love it! It will be perfect for a night out or one of those dress up extra special days at work :)

Black and beige animal print shift dress
Warehouse animal/leopard print shift dress RRP £65
I urge you all to see eBay as your friend, be patient, be clever and set yourself a limit. You wont be disappointed!