Tuesday, 2 October 2012

DIY Peter Pan collar - Tried and tested

I really like the Peter Pan collar trend that is doing the rounds at the moment. I saw a little of it last season but it really seems to have taken over the high street this season. The trend seems to have extended beyond clothing to accessorise with really cute collar style necklaces which I really like the idea of an decided I would make my own collar necklace. So set about doing a little research on the internet to get some tips. I found a really good tutorial for a scalloped edge DIY Peter Pan style collar on a blog I follow called  'Honestly...WTF' (DIY Peter Pan collar - posted by Erica on 25/10/12) and have just completed my first one.

The tutorial can be found via this link. I used this as my base point but wanted to make it a bit more dressy so I decided to use buttons (as is standard with me!) beads and ribbon to decorate the collar and achieve a bit more of a vintage look.

For my collar I used peach coloured felt, assorted buttons, some small pearly white beads, cream coloured ribbon for the fastening and white cotton to sew it all together.

Cutting the Peter Pan collar template
Cutting out my template

Decorating the Peter Pan collar
Placing the buttons on which I then edged with beads

Decorated Peter Pan collar
Finished collar with ribbon to fasten

I am really pleased with the finished item and have already just out the base for a denim version, what do you think?

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