Monday, 24 September 2012

Newest sheriff in town - Ribbon tie collar

Cream lace Victorian style shirt with ribbon neck tie
Miss Selfridge Lace shirt with ribbon neck tie - My inspiration!

I love the current trend of ribbon ties on collars, and as a huge fan of lace and Victorian style pieces the shirt opposite is a real hit with me! I saw it in Debenhams a couple of weeks ago when they were having one of their discount across the store and was very tempted! But alas I pulled myself away as I was buying birthday presents for other people and not presents for myself!

The shirt did leave a lasting impression (as do many things that I want but cant have) and I decided that one of the things that I liked most about the shirt was the ribbon and that this was something I could customise and upcycle some of my existing shirts with in order to get a similar effect. Simply by adding a ribbon tied to a bow around the collar of my boring white shirt I achieved a great retro geek chic look. I was thrilled with myself and it took away some of the pain of not being the owner of the above shirt. My fiance decided that this was a cowboy look and said it looked like the newest sheriff had just arrived in town! Either way I love the look and have bought ribbon in every colour now which is ready and waiting to be matched to an array of outfit possibilities.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Breathing new life into old boots, with buttons!

I acquired a pair of boots which I felt were in need of a little refashioning ready for the autumn/winter months when my little jumpers, pencil skirts and thick tights combos come out of hiding. I gave the boots a bit of a polish and then set about finding buttons in my ever growing collection that I could thread the laces through, I wanted to achieve a sort of Victorian style book look so went for darker colours and used brassy buttons for a bit of added bling. And that was it, job done, what do you think?

Button decorated boots - side view

Button decorated boots - front view

I like the idea of putting buttons all down the middle where the laces kriss cross so I can get more buttons on each boot but haven't attempted that yet, but I will...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fashion Pick - Autumn/Winter H! by Henry Holland

I recently saw an advert on tv for the new designers at Debenhams autumn/winter range which I was somewhat taken with! I saw a number of pieces that I liked so thought I would investigate a little further, a quick trip to the Debenhams website later and I have virtually spent all of next months salary! The majority of what caught my eye on my first look (because obviously I will be going back) was from the range H! by Henry Holland. The prices of the pieces start around £30 and I have included below my favourites none of which exceeded £50 as far as I can remember.
I hope you like my selection, although not too much that they sell out before I can get my hands on any of the items!
Black high wedge lace up ankle boots - H! by Henry HollandBlack high wedge lace up ankle boots - H! by Henry Holland
Love these boots they look chunky and almost like boxing boots!

Black tattoo printed tube dress - H! by Henry Holland Green 'Geeky' Cat jumper - H! by Henry Holland
 I love a good shift dress & geeky chic is right up my street

Dark blue knitted sheep jumper - H! by Henry HollandGrey orangutan jumper - H! by Henry Holland
I am a big fan of the pattern and animal cartoon jumpers :)

Purple checked and tasselled backpack - H! by Henry HollandTerracotta 'Harwin' brogue high wedge shoe boots - H! by Henry Holland
And these, these I simply must must must have...
Orange checked and tasselled backpack - H! by Henry HollandBlack 'Harwin' brogue high wedge shoe boots - H! by Henry Holland
...and these!
View the full range at Debenhams, of click here for a direct link.