Thursday, 11 October 2012

Highstreet hits - Fashion Picks (River Island, Zara and Oasis)

I was having a little browse at lunch and came across some really nice pieces in some of my favourite high street shops. There is a complete miss match of items, but all lovely and things that caught my eye and certainly things that I would like to see in my wardrobe!
1. Heart Jumper - Great jumper for the Winter to wear with jeans/skinny jeans and chunky boots.

Heart jumper from Chelsea Girl @ River Island
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2. Amazing tapestry print shorts - These would look great with coloured tights, a plain top/jumper and again chunky black boots.

Black tapestry print Chelsea Girl shorts @ River Island
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3. Lace trousers - If you look closely these trousers appear to actually be lace rather than a lace print. I think they are so smart and elegant and typical of what Zara consistently pleases me with! Should be worn exactly as below!
Guipere lace trousers - Zara
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 4. Shirt collar - so pretty and chic and one of the best ones I have seen (putting my home made attempts to shame!).  
Shirt collar with stones - Zara
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5. Lace dress - I love the colour of this dress and think it would be fab for the up coming festive party season. Heels I think would be best, I love the structured detail on the front.

Gothic lace dress - Oasis
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 6. Pretty colour block dress - I love the look created here with the colour blocking even down to the shoes. The colours of the dress are great and there is something really effortless about this look but it seemed to stand out to me so I was compelled to share it...

Border foulard dress - Oasis
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