Thursday, 27 December 2012

Button decorated pumps

Firstly I must apologise for the absence of new posts on my blog. After moving house I have been without an adequate Internet connection to continue my regular blog posts, but now I am back :)

As I have mentioned before my friend Mac loves buttons so buttons tend to feature in some way in the gifts I give her for Birthdays or Christmas. This Christmas was no exception. I had a tight budget this year (as I am sure many people did!) so I was really pleased when I was inspired by a pinner on pintrest to create these button covered pumps.

First I got the plain pumps from Primark and then pulled out my collection of buttons and just began selecting a range of buttons I thought would work. Then I simply began sewing them on. Now I admit I struggle with being totally random so I couldn't go all out and just let the buttons take over but I did manage to stop myself trying to match all the buttons on one shoe with the other (small victory for me!). I slightly overlapped some of the buttons to give them some depth and stuck to a area on the front of the shoe to give it a high street look.

What do you think? I was very pleased and by all accounts so was my button mad friend who wore them on Christmas Day :)