Thursday, 18 October 2012

DIY Bow Tie - Tried and tested

I always found myself quite drawn to ties when I was younger and even went as far as to complain to my mum that wearing a tie wasn't part of my high school uniform as I felt like I was missing out somehow. Perhaps the fact that I didn't have to wear one growing up is part of the reason why I am so willing to wear them now?

Anyway I have a few that I wear mainly in the winter so I can layer up i.e. shirt, tie and tank top and then look a little less like I am in fancy dress and more a mixture of power dressing (80's style but minus the shoulder pads!) and office wear combined. Recently I have formed an affection for bow ties though and found a brilliant old post on Honestly...WTF (click here for link) showing you how to make your own, like the one below. For the tutorial all you need is material, a safety pin or broach pin, glue gun, a ruler and a pen, I made my own from memory and a bit of adaptation of the tutorial but only because I didn't have my computer to hand so had to improvise as I didn't want to wait!

Image taken from 'DIY Bow tie - Honestly WTF'
I used what I had to hand  that evening which was some checked material which was once a pair of pyjama bottoms and set to work! The fruits of my labour can be seen below.

Material for bow tie - old pyjama bottoms
Old pyjama bottoms cut and
rectangle of fabric
ready to fold in half
picture of fabric bow made from old pyjamas
gather fabric in the centre
secure ribbon around
Picture of me wearing bow tie for work
Glue gun pin to back
and it is ready to wear


I now have plans to use some velvet material that I have to make another slightly larger one more like the one in the post linked to above but I have to say I was pretty pleased with myself and got some great comments at work AND they are great for putting in your hair too!

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