Thursday, 26 July 2012

Button holes made out of buttons

I am a recent convert to blogging and one happy discovery I have made is the abundance of fashion related blogs there are. I am particularly excited about the crafty ones, the ones that are focused on upcycling and recycling and a lot of the time simply customising things for fun. I am following a few and will share my favourites on my blog. It is really good to see what other people are doing and get new ideas and also just feel part of a wider community who like to make, customise and recycle/upcycle things.

I generally  have a number of projects on the go at once, and as a result tend to take a bit of time in completing my larger projetcs so when I spotted a post on a blog called Helen Makes Things about button holes made from buttons which looked quite quick and easy I couldnt resist. See the picture below and you will see why!

Buttonhole made from buttons
Buttonhole -
The idea is so simple it is genius! My first attempt at the leaves wasn't great as my fabric was a lot darker but I think I did ok...what do you think?

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