Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Vanity bag to handbag in 2 seconds flat!

Ok so I can't really take any credit in terms of being "crafty" in this post but I like to think I am resourceful and can see the hidden potential in  things especially when they are just too pretty to spend their life in a closet without ever having the hope of seeing the light of day...

So on the same trip to Australia where I discovered the cotton rice bags (click her to go to post) I was asked by my lovely aunt upon my leaving in the form of typical Sri Lanka generosity what I would like to take home with me, I obviously polietly said I didn't need anything but of course that was brushed aside. On arrival I had fallen for a vanity bag my aunt had tucked away in her fabulous walk in closet (I would have taken that if I could have!!!) and I said to my aunt that if she didn't use it and wasn't attached to it that actually that was what I would like. A little confused but thrilled to give me something I clearly had formed an attachment to my aunt gave it too me.

The bag is quilted inside with a wipe clean material and also had some removable cardboard inserts which kept it rigid whilst in its life as a vanity/makeup bag but these were quickly removed and now I have myself a fabulous, huge Miss Marple esque bag! It is a much loved addition to my wardrobe and accessories collection and in the style of many of the designer bags I have named it after my aunt.

Floral vanity bag
My lovely 'Aunty S' quilted bag


  1. Quilted and carpet bags are my FAVE! One of my friends grandmothers just passed away and she gave me one of hers. They are treasured for sure and deserve a good name!

    1. I love carpet bags! Last year or the year before they seemed to come back into fashion and there were some lovely ones on the highstreet. I got a couple from charity shops for £2.00 rather than the £30 plus they were charging on the highstreet. The bigger ones make great weekend bags. My friend and I actually share a carpet bag we bought for 50p from a jumble sale, I have had it for about 6 months now so this weekend sees the handover :)

      Thanks for your comment and reading my post :)