Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rice bag recycling

On a recent trip to Australia I noticed a really cool cotton rice bag in my cousins larder. He was unsurprisingly unimpressed by said bag but I fell in love with it and immediately formed my plans on how to make it more usable. As normally happens on holidays I moved on, and therefore alas I could not get my hands on the bag. When leaving Aus and finishing my packing at my aunts house I told my dad about the rice bag and my regrets and look what he pulled out!!!

Cotton rice bags

He had been just as taken by the bags as me and been saving them! When he returned from Aus 3 months later I had a healthy supply, a few of which are pictured above!

As the bags only have little handles I decided to add a canvas belt that I got from a charity shop for 99p to make a shoulder strap. A few stitches on the sewing machine and there you have it!!! I think it is pretty cool :-)

Rice bag with a belt added as a strap


  1. Fantastic, I have a couple of these rice bags too! Great idea

    1. Erica, Thank you for my first comment on my blog! I am glad you liked the very simply addition I made to the bag :) I have my family in Aus saving them for me so I can make more and share with my friends!