Monday, 24 September 2012

Newest sheriff in town - Ribbon tie collar

Cream lace Victorian style shirt with ribbon neck tie
Miss Selfridge Lace shirt with ribbon neck tie - My inspiration!

I love the current trend of ribbon ties on collars, and as a huge fan of lace and Victorian style pieces the shirt opposite is a real hit with me! I saw it in Debenhams a couple of weeks ago when they were having one of their discount across the store and was very tempted! But alas I pulled myself away as I was buying birthday presents for other people and not presents for myself!

The shirt did leave a lasting impression (as do many things that I want but cant have) and I decided that one of the things that I liked most about the shirt was the ribbon and that this was something I could customise and upcycle some of my existing shirts with in order to get a similar effect. Simply by adding a ribbon tied to a bow around the collar of my boring white shirt I achieved a great retro geek chic look. I was thrilled with myself and it took away some of the pain of not being the owner of the above shirt. My fiance decided that this was a cowboy look and said it looked like the newest sheriff had just arrived in town! Either way I love the look and have bought ribbon in every colour now which is ready and waiting to be matched to an array of outfit possibilities.

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