Saturday, 18 August 2012

From skirt to dress, no sewing required

I got the skirt pictured below from a jumble sale for 20p ages ago and had almost forgotten all about it. I really liked the print on the fabric but wasn't keen on the length so had ideas of shortening it and just wearing it as a cute summer skirt but fortunately I hadn't gotten round to cutting it up yet! I came across the skirt again recently when I was going through my projects box and it occurred to me that rather than cutting it up I might be able to wear the skirt as a dress. I simply undid the top two buttons of the skirt, it already had an elasticated waist which because an elasticated back so with a little help from a belt i was set!

Floral button down skirt and belt
Before - a pretty but not very me floral skirt
Summer dress
After - a lovely funky summer dress

So what do you think? From old skirt to new summer dress without any cutting, sewing or anything! What more could a girl ask for!  

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