Friday, 15 June 2012

Jumble sale fun

Like a lot of people (and probably most of you reading what is attempting to be a fashion themed blog) I love clothes and having myriad of choices when it comes to deciding what to wear is something which pleases me no end (and makes me a little less than punctual...). But like most people I have limited funds on which to spend on my clothing "habit" so I have developed an affection and respect for charity shops and jumble sales for the opportunity they give me to get my fix but not "break my bank". I find jumble sales to be excellent places to buy items that I can then customise, if you have only spent 20p on something you don't mind cutting it to pieces in the hope you can create something fabulous! This dress is one of my favourite recent jumble sale 20p finds :-)

Bird print shirt dress in blue and white

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