Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jumble sale loot!

I went to my favourite jumble sale the weekend before last and have only now got round to surveying my loot from my adverntures (see picture below). I love jumble sales as they have some much to offer and at prices from 20p for an item of clothing they are really accessable to all budgets.

I tend to have a strategy when I go to jumble sales, i.e. something that I am particularly looking for so that I don't get too overwhelmed and either come away with nothing or come away with so much that I don't have room to store it or have an idea of what I want to do with it. I think there should also be an understanding between people that you should not buy more than your fair share, therefore ensuring that there is enough to go round. I do sell on some of the stuff I buy on eBay or carboot if I don't end up wearing or upcycling them but I don't go out with that as my primary goal, it is sometimes just a welcome additional bonus.

My mum tends to come to jumble sales with me and will help me in my search for whatever it is that week that I am looking for. So last time I was looking for green fabric to make leaves for a tree I am making (my projects extend beyond those which I can wear!) as you can see from the picture I wasn't successful in terms of that goal but an on-going favourite of mine is buttons so I was really pleased at the tin and bag I got for a grand total of £2.50. Buttons are great and can be used to decorate tops, shirts, jumpers etc. I also have used them to make a collar for my friend who is obsessed with buttons and also personalise a bag with her name.

I also got a waistcoat which I will just wear as it is, a scarf which again I will just wash and wear, two jumpers (one very retro looking) and a coat for which I have big plans and will divulge in another post! The jumpers I will keep if they fit, if not I am sure the red and grey one will sell on eBay as a great vintage top and go on to fund further jumble, carboot and charity shop bargains. Oh and I also got a little blue fabric belt which is brilliant as it is one of those ones that you can make as small or big as you like.

My loot includes buttons a scarf, a waistcoat and jumpers.

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