Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Thrifty outfit No.1 - Carboot and charity shop finds

This part of my blog will aims to illustrate some of the fab things you can find in charity shops and at jumble and carboot sales. I love to rummage through clothes and get a bargain so second hand shopping is ideal for me! However I know it isn't for everyone so I thought I would share my finds so that people can possibly be inspired to give second hand/vintage/reused/recycled items a go.

Thrifty outfit No. 1 - Work wear
Thrifty outfit No. 1 - Chiffon blouse & Tweed Style skirt
This outfit is great for work as it is my typical "uniform" of choice. The blouse came from a carboot sale and was 50p (I can tell where it is from as the label is faded) I had been looking for something similar for ages as the shops were full of pretty chiffon blouses and shirts which I couldn't justify spending the money on when I knew I had seen similar things in the charity shops so I figured it was just a case of biding my time!
The skirt is originally from next and was £3.50 from the PDSA charity shop in Colchester, Essex. The great thing about this skirt is it was brand new and had the belt that originally came with the skirt.
So an outfit, fit for work for £4.50! You can't argue with that!
Worn here with a white vest underneath the shirt and lovely brown suede Monsoon heels (which I purchased in the sale one year for £22.50)  

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  1. Your entire outfit looks gorgeous, and all for £4.50, you are a Bargainista!