Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Underwater love

This is another picture I took on my iPhone of something I liked the look of the 10/06/2012 issue of 'Fabulous' (free with the Sun newspaper on a Saturday's). I love shift dresses, especially for work and I think that this tropical fish tank print one is just amazing, I really havne't seen anything like it before on my fashion related travels and certainly think that it would be one of those items of clothing that would get people taking! I doubt this dress will be in Primark for long, but will keep an eye out for it never the less!

A little tip from me to you - If I miss things in the shops or they have sold out then I tend to keep searching on eBay or charity shops until I find them. Things tend to appear on eBay very quickly but I once found a dress that I had tried on in River Island, but didn't buy because I didn't have the occassion to spend the money, in a charity shop for around £5. That was less than a month after I had tried it on in the shop! It would have been rude not to buy it and I still have it and wear it now.

Back to the tropical dress though, I would love to see someone wearing this dress so please keep me posted if you see anyone wearing it!  

Aquarium print shift dress from Primark

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